Carve-The-Mark-By-Veronica-RothVeronica Roth, the critically-acclaimed author of the best-selling Divergent series, is back with Carve The Mark, a brand-new blockbuster for the young adults. If you’re a teenager and love epic science fiction stories, this one is for you. Welcome to a universe where some people are favored by fate, while others are forced to get by, a world where violence and brutality rule.

Every person in this reality has a currentgift, a very special "ability" that can very well change the future. And, despite the fact that the majority of folks enjoy their gifts and benefit from them, Cyra and Akos are having all kind of trouble with them. Their abilities make 'em easy prey for the evil hunters. At the same time, their gifts are capable of shaping the very essence o the galaxy, but, in order to do that, they will have to get their lives and their fates back.

The balance of power is shaking, and they are the only ones that can restore the natural way of things. Cyra has a brother - a ruthless tyrant who turned the Shotet people into slaves. As for her gift - it gives her the ability to hurt - and her brother uses it to torture the ones that disobey him, without thinking about the consequences for his sis. However, the girl is so much more than just an instrument in his hands.

He thinks of her as the blade that strikes his enemies, but she's fast, smart, witty and more resilient than he could ever imagine. Akos, in turn, comes from a peaceful, loving nation called Thuvhe, and the most important thing to him is loyalty to his fam. Soon, the Shotet mercs kidnap him and his brother, forcing him to use his powers just to escape from the prison. That's when he runs into Cyra, a girl that is destined for greatness...

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