Catalog-Of-Unabashed-Gratitude-By-Ross-GayCatalog of Unabashed Gratitude, the latest offering from Mr. Ross Gay, is an award-winning collection of poems that invites all the readers into a marvelous world of possibilities. It's like the perfect book for meditation on everything that we lost but never said goodbye to - our family members, loved ones, our dreams, hopes, days, the way things used to be when we were younger...

At the same time, the author encourages us to look at it all with gratitude and a smile on our faces, to be thankful for everything that we had and to never look back. It's all about finding solace and moving forward. Sometimes, it can be hard to let go of the things we know and love and to concentrate on the reality, but Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude did an amazing job of lending you that helping hand and giving you the necessary nudge to keep up with the ever-changing and ever-growing world.

The critics are calling Ross Gay a refreshing new voice in American poetry, as his poems are carefully crafted, beautiful, meaningful and full of grace. He pays attention to everything that goes around him, gets inspired by it and shares his amazing visions with us, the readers. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude is a sentimental, bold, marvelous and encouraging collection of poems that move along with your inner state.

Rarely does a modern-day poet talk about the most important things in life in such an unusual, groundbreaking way, but Gay's joy and passion will make you feel like everything's going to be alright even if you're going through a really rough patch. It's definitely a must-have for all the fans of beauty and grace in poetry.

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