Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it

The Works of the Right Honourable Volume 2

Edmund Burke

Burke's support for Irish Catholics and Indians often led him to be criticised by Tories. His opposition to British imperialism in Ireland and India and his opposition to French imperialism and radicalism in Europe made it difficult for Whig or Tory...

The Works of the Right Honourable Volume 1

Edmund Burke

Burke is regarded by most political historians in the English-speaking world as a liberal conservative[146] and the father of modern British conservatism. Burke was utilitarian and empirical in his arguments while Joseph de Maistre, a fellow conserva...

The Confessions

Jean Jacques Rousseau

The Confessions was two distinct works, each part consisting of six books. Books I to VI were written between 1765 and 1767 and published in 1782, while books VII to XII were written in 1769–1770 and published in 1789. Rousseau alludes to a pla...

The Armies of Europe

Fedor von Köppen

Let him who is desirous of peace prepare himself for war.” Thus runs the a proverb which sums up the experience and history of the most powerful Empire of old. If this maxim held good n the old Roman days, how much more applicable s t to the pr...


Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Orthodoxy (1908) is a book by G. K. Chesterton that has become a classic of Christian apologetics. Chesterton considered this book a companion to his other work, Heretics, writing it expressly in response to G. S. Street's criticism of the earlier wo...

The New World of Islam

Lothrop Stoddard

The deep yeast of the Islamic world today. 250,000,000 followers of the Prophet Muhammad from Morocco to Chna and from Turkistan to Congo are moving towards new accounts, new slanders, new aspirations. A massive transformation is happening, the resul...

Magna Carta, and Other Addresses

William D. Guthrie

American institutions student must appear regular impressive and instruct and Constitutional members New York state meet paused here Work to celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of the grown-ups English Lbertes Charter and looking back with resp...

Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail

Edwin L. Sabin

 These books present n the form of vvd and fascinating fiction, the early and adventurous phases of American history. Each volume deals with the life and adventures of one of the great men who made that history, or with someone great event n whi...

Miss Tweedham's Elogarsn

Robert Moore Williams

 The choce was Mss Tweedham's. Ether a thlat and freedom—or Malovel and hs esse. She chose the latter. Dangerous, yes. But wth them came Sanderson, man among men on ths desert star.