caught-together-by-penny-wylderStella is a modern-day single mom who's got a 19-year-old son. It's the Christmas Holiday, and he's finally back home to celebrate with his family. And, he brings Trevor, his best friend from college with him to spend a few days at the house. Now, Trevor is as hot as they come, and Stella can't stop thinking about him, even though she knows that he's absolutely off limits.

On the other hand, he's got a killer smile and a handsome body that would be just the perfect present for her. Besides, all her family/friends are telling her is that it's time to find a boyfriend already and to start a relationship. Well, Trevor is not actually dating material, but, again, who cares, right? He's incredibly good-looking and when Stella learns that he's staying at her house for the entire winter break, she simply doesn't know how to act!

Yes, it's gonna be pretty hard for her to stay away from him and to act normal around the guy, but, at the same time, a harmless holiday fling is exactly what she needs in her life right now. So, yes, the 19-year-old alpha male from her fantasies is going to sleep within touching distance. And, judging by the way he looks at her and talks to her, Stella is confident that he feels something towards her as well - something very, very strong.

The only downside to this whole situation is that pretty much her entire family is staying in her house for the holiday, and they would most certainly not approve when they see her "doing it" with a guy who's her son's age. Well, she doesn't really care at this point...Caught Together is a wild romantic novel, a page-turner, and a turn-on. If you love erotic novels with a happy ending, this book is your best bet.

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