Alexandre Dumas, one of the greatest French writers in history, wrote a mighty collection of stories, tales and essays on notorious thugs, criminals and actual crimes that lived and took place in different times throughout history. The Borgias, for example, play a big role in this book, and the readers will get to learn about all of their transgressions - those of Lucrezia Borgia in particular.

The book comes with vastly researched, meticulously depicted true events, so, if you're a fan of real-world bandits and crimes, make sure to give Celebrated Crimes a try. The critics claim that Dumas inspired a huge line-up of modern-day writers and set numerous "ground rules" for the genre. At the same time, even though the book is pretty old - it was first released ~180 years ago - it's still quite gripping and thrilling!

Dumas invites us all to dive into a whole another world that's not dominated by Internet, social media and electric cars. But, it was full of fancy balls, gossip, poisoning, stabbing, and all kinds of other lethal "entertainment" to keep the luxurious lives exciting.

Three Musketeers series:
1. The three musketeers
2. Twenty years after
3. The Vicomte of Bragelonne. Ten Years Later (4 parts):
- The Vicomte of Bragelonne
- Ten Years Later
- Louise de la Vallière
- The man in the iron mask

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Celebrated crimes by Dumas

Now, if you think that Celebrated Crimes is all about boring descriptions of real crimes, you're wrong, because the master put his exceptional writing skills to great use and turned the "mediocre" stories into a work of art. The critics don't call him one of the greatest historical novelists for no reason, right? The book is entertaining, engrossing and even educational, which means you'll have more than just fun with it. The bottom line is - if you want to read a classic book by a classic writer about some classic murders, make sure to buy this digitalized edition and get your read on!

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