challenger-deep-by-neal-shustermanNeal Shusterman, a bestselling author, a man whose writing style is constantly being compared to that of the greatest writers in history, delivers a wonderful new novel about mental illness and everything that comes with it. It's a powerful, personal, heart-wrenching story that all the young adults in America will fall in love with. It's a fascinating journey into the deepest and darkest corners of the human mind, a riveting, captivating, brilliant tale. Caden Bosch, the main character of the book, is a teenage kid who spends countless of hours walking, completely gripped by the thoughts in his mind.

He's trying not to talk to his friends who are beginning to suspect that there's something wrong with him. He lives in two separate worlds. The first one is the real, regular life with his buddies, family, and books. However, he doesn't get along with anyone and claims that somebody is trying to murder him and can't seem to find peace within himself.

At the same time, in the second, imaginary world, he's a part of a crew of sailors that's headed to the Challenger Deep (the deepest trench in the ocean ever seen). Caden is torn between his duty and a non-stop desire to start a riot and take over. Slowly, but steadily, the alternative world takes over Caden's mind, and his parents are scared to death and don't know what to do. Neal Shusterman created a touching, sensitive, haunting story with Challenger Deep.

It will be an unforgettable read for all the young fans of adventure books, and, it will educate them on the subject of mental illness. The greatest thing about it - the book is funny, uplifting and motivational, which brings hope to all the families who have to deal with this condition every single day.

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