Chase-By-James-PattersonJames Patterson, the man who has more New-York Times bestsellers than any other writer in history, invented the Bookshot format, and it's most definitely paying off. A Bookshot is a really short book that you can read through and through in 3-4 hours, and it's really fast-paced and action-packed, which means satisfaction is guaranteed.

As for Chase, the latest banger from Mr. Patterson, it's safe to say that it's shaping up to be the next chart-topper in the nearest future. Michael Bennett, the main character of the self-titled iconic series, has to deal with yet another life-or-death situation and find out what's really going on in a new, tangled and puzzled case. A man jumps out the roof of a hotel in Manhattan. Everything points to the fact that it's a suicide. However, he had 10K in cash with him and someone else's fingerprints.

Could he be a whistleblower, someone who wanted to talk about something that could potentially destroy the Governor's career, or was he just a nobody who couldn't handle the stress and decided to go for a walk in the air? Bennett knows that it was a murder, not a suicide, but, in order to prove it, he'll have to go through hell and fight for his own life.

Chase, just like any other Bookshot by James Patterson, is impossible to resist and delivers a mighty pack of tension, thriller, and action that the fans of the genre will most certainly enjoy. The book starts as a mystery case, but pretty quickly turns into a ridiculous conspiracy and the people behind it will stop at nothing and will kill anyone who gets in their way. Bennett will have to be on his A-game in order to pull this one off.

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