Lucas was never really a cheater per se, but he did give in to the temptation once. It all happened a day before his wedding, and now he's forced to live with the consequences. His reputation is crushed, and there's no going back to how things were. So, what can a fella do in a situation like this? Own it and represent it, of course! From now on, he's a lucky man that spends a night with a different woman every day, except maybe for Sundays.

He had enough drama with the whole marriage thing and has a strict rule: no commitments, no falling in love and no regretting his choices. Moving forward and enjoying life while he can - that's Lucas's motto these days. It's safe to say that men are big with words and claim they are in total control, but, when that special woman rocks their world, they forget about all the rules and embrace the new reality.

Avery is a big smart ass, and, given the fact that she has a curvy body, that makes her an insanely attractive lady. This petite blonde knows how to make men go crazy, and Lucas is about to learn what it truly feels to be enchanted by a real woman. The bastard cheated on her sis and broke her heart, and Avery can't forget that. So, when fate brings them together and makes the two work together, it feels like the worst thing ever.

At the same time, it does give her an awesome opportunity to turn his life into a living hell. But hey - Lucas has a few of his own tricks, and all that "quality time" with numerous women gave him the skills to prevail in bed...Cheater comes with a lovely heroine, a rough-tough, bad-boy hero, and a lot of sexy scenes to keep you satisfied from start to finish.

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