Rachel Van Dyken, the author of several international bestsellers, is back with a brand-new smoking-hot novel for the ladies. Austin has always been a fan of that "routine" domestic happiness when you've got Netflix on, a couple of hot dogs on the table and your loved one by your side. And she had all that until the bastard cheated on her and turned her entire world upside down.

Then, he left her, almost as if his sins were somehow her fault. So, in order to keep her head up and get over this messy period in her life, the girl decides to "avenge" herself. Plotting the moron's downfall feels amazing, and it gives her the necessary energy to keep going. His name is Thatch, and he knows very well that he single-handedly destroyed the best thing he ever had.

The dashing plastic surgeon is very popular with the ladies, but, believe it or not, he cheated on Austin to protect her. Sounds stupid, right? But it doesn't make it any less true! Yes, he should've never gotten himself into an impossible situation like that, but he's not that big of a bastard. And, He's not ready to give up on her; neither is she.

Austin needs to prepare a human-interest piece - ASAP - so, she practically forces her ex to give her the whole tour, so to speak. As soon as the two start working together, butterflies start to fly. At the same time, Thatch is still not telling her the whole truth. Because if he does, that might destroy their fragile second chance together. Love is a powerful thing: if they stick with it, they might just make it out of this catastrophe and go back to the way they were. Cheater's Regret is a wonderful second chance erotic romance with just the right combination of drama, lust, love and fun.

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