The critics are calling this exceptional mystery thriller a career-launcher for Mr. Stuart Woods, so, if you're a fan of his writing, you simply have to take a look. It's 1920, and the cops find a dead body of a naked teen in Delano. The corpse has marks of beating, which resembles something of a ritual. Lee, the town's chief of police, is a man who wanted to make it as a farmer but failed.

Back in the day, Delano, with a total of 1K residents, had to rely on the sheriff all the time, and that is why the locals decided that a chief was necessary. Lee is an honest, likable and capable fella, and the choice was obvious. He thinks that handling town drunks and domestic violence would be the most exciting parts of his new job, but he is wrong.

So, the man starts to work on the case, hoping to close it before nightfall, but what started as just another "accident" soon turns into a decades-long mystery that involves not one, but three chiefs who put their minds together to bring the killers to justice. More teenage boys are found dead with each passing day, and Lee needs to race against the clock and stop the villains before another innocent young man is murdered.

Woods created a one-of-a-kind thriller that follows a seemingly peaceful and loving community's turbulent life. Love, hate, politics, racial inequality and betrayals shock the lovely townlet and shake it at its core. The book first saw the light of day 25 years ago, but it's still gripping, engrossing, exciting and full of tension. Suspense and mystery come together to deliver an unforgettable experience for the readers.

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