The legendary Lord Byron has more than a few epic poems behind his back, and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is most certainly one of his best works. It's comprised of 4 parts and first saw the light of day in 1812, more than 200 years ago. The story follows a young lad and his journey through the world. He's disappointed and frustrated by the affluent life of pleasure and is trying to find new experiences and excitement in foreign territories.

The critics are calling Childe Harold's Pilgrimage a vivid, revealing expression of disillusionment and confusion that was present in the post-Revolutionary times. Folks were lost and didn't know where to turn to - both mentally and morally - and Childe is a title from the medieval times that describes a young fella, an aspirant for knighthood.

By the way, the poem is partially autobiographical, as Byron, the mighty author, used to do a lot of traveling in his days and took a journey through Portugal and the Mediterranean lands in 1809. His life-changing experiences had a huge impact on the book and he put some of his notes and personal stories into the poem. As mentioned in the beginning, the chief theme of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is regret. Harold, the young boy, has practically wasted his youth, and, when he was about to hit rock bottom, the lad found strength to re-evaluate his own life and the choices that he made.

Thus, he "reshaped" himself and went on a pilgrimage, hoping to find his true self and to obtain knowledge through it. This is a poem about a lost generation that challenged itself in the most daring way. It's worth mentioning that at first, Byron didn't want to publish the first two chapters, as they were pretty much about his own life. But, he still went with it and became an international star shortly after.

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