children-of-eden-by-joey-graceffaJoey Graceffa conquered the hearts of countless teenagers on YouTube thanks to his wonderful videos about love, life, and the regular people. He's an inspiration to millions of young folks, and his joyful, positive personality is both influential and praise-worthy. By the way, Children of Eden is not his first bestselling book: he wrote a memoir a while ago, and it became an international hit. Still, this is his very first novel, so, please give it a warm welcome!

Rowan, the main character of this thrilling story, is a second child in a world with harsh population control. She's an outlaw, and the government has only one solution for her - death. So, she's forced to hide all the time. The girl can't go to school or even become friends with her peers. And, naturally, she can never get the eye implants installed, because that way she'll immediately make her presence known to the officials.

Rowan is doing everything in her power to stay in the shadows, and her family doesn't want to leave Eden because there's no life beyond it. There's only poison, sickness and death. All the living creatures and the majority of the plants have been devastated by a catastrophe that the humans initiated. A while ago, Al-Baz, a genius scientist, managed to save a small number of people by creating a unique program that used all the technological resources in the world to keep the last remnants of our kind.

The survivors are living in Eden now, and they'll have to wait for centuries until this program heals the rest of planet Earth. Rowan has been hiding for 16 years; so, all she wants is to see the world - even if for one day. But, by running away, she becomes a renegade...Children of Eden is a breath-taking, heart-pumping science fiction novel that will grab your attention from the very first page.

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