This is an epic historical novel that follows five generations of a royal British family living in Wales, a story of their lives. The Quins have been living at China Court - a gorgeous estate - for about 150 years. The countryside is breathtaking, and the land, the beautiful gardens, and the mansion have been in this family's possession since the early 19th century, passing on to the new generations while keeping the values and traditions intact.

China Court is doing a great job of jumping back and forth in time - it's a hearty, moving, incredibly touching family saga that only a British author could write. The story starts in 1960 with Ripsie's death. She was a simple village girl turned into a lady by a Quin boy.

As a young lassie, she used to dream of being a proper lady and living in an estate; at the same time, her husband wasn't the only man she loved. This British dynasty had its ups and downs, but, over the course of time, they learned how to cope with the pain and the tragedy and keep the family from getting into a scandal or a big trouble.

The book is written in meticulous details and gives the readers an opportunity to feel like they're a part of the China Court estate. The author had 150 years to mingle with and did a fantastic job of intertwining the lives of the Quin men and women in the most gripping and thrilling way. Wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters - this is the story of several generations, not just one or two main characters. The critics are comparing China Court to 100 Years of Solitude, and that's probably the highest praise for such a grandiose novel.

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