christmas-at-the-comfort-food-cafe-by-debbie-johnsonDebbie Johnson is known for writing soulful, heart-warming romantic novels with a wonderful sense of humor. And Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe is not an exception: this is a warm, touching story that will lift up your spirit and get you in the right mood for the holidays. Becca, the main character of the novel, has been hatin' on Christmas for as long as she can remember.

But this year, she'll have to get herself tangled up in it, as she promised her sis Laura that she'll visit her family and will spend the holiday with them all. So, she's about to experience a wonderful mix of wine, stupid Christmas movies, and even more stupid toasts. However, she has no idea that the Comfort Food Cafe is a very special place that delivers a unique experience for the customers.

It's located high up on a snowy hill and it's a magical place that pretty much every person on planet Earth will enjoy. People come here to mend their broken hearts, find new love and start over. This could also very well be the place where Becca finally finds true happiness. If she lets it happen, that is...Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe is a cheering, moving and invigorating novel that you can equally enjoy at any time of the year.

But, naturally, it will be perfect for the upcoming winter holidays. Debbie Johnson delivers a brilliant read for all the fans of good old romantic books with a happy ending. It features brisk, thrilling writing, a wonderful cast of characters and a 100% magical story that will touch the hearts and minds of countless readers around the world. After all, Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to get into the right spirit!

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