christmas-at-the-hummingbird-house-by-donna-ballIf you've been searching for a good-old holiday novel to make you laugh, cry, and enjoy the read, you'll be happy to learn that Donna Ball's got you covered. Her latest masterpiece, Christmas at the Hummingbird House, is a heart-warming, moving and captivating story that's got the magic touch of Christmas.

Paul and Derrick, the main characters of the book, hit the jackpot with their business: folks from all over the States come here to enjoy a wonderful Christmas time with brilliant concerts, lots of champagne, sleighs, spa, and more. But, this year, the guys have to deal with some potentially disastrous glitches. First of all, they have to decorate 20 trees and make them look good.

Second, the masseuse is nowhere to be found, and they simply can't start making money without one. And last, but not least, there are 3 little kids running around in the resort. Purline, their housekeeper, thought that it would be a good idea to let them in. And while she's doing everything in her power to keep it all together and to teach her chefs what it means to live up to the Christmas spirit, the Hummingbird House begins to "fill up".

They all come seeking for that special treatment and healing. These people might not get what they initially came here for, but, at the end of the day, this beautiful house gives them exactly what they need. Donna Ball delivers a funny, warm and charming Christmas story that will be a perfect gift to your loved ones on this wonderful holiday. Wanna light up the mood and believe in magic again? Grab a copy and let the Christmas spirit be with you!

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