christmas-caramel-murder-by-joanne-flukeThe Hannah Swensen Mystery series is both intriguing and exciting, and Joanne Fluke always comes with gripping mystery thrillers to keep you good company on a nice Saturday night. The holidays are about to start, and Hannah, along with her friend Lisa, volunteered to provide all the food for the upcoming celebration in town.

However, before the girls get a chance to enjoy the celebration and be proud of all the work that they've done, a whole bunch of trouble comes their way. For example, they learn that Lisa's man will dress as Santa and play the role next to Mrs. Claus, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. Wait, that's not the end of it: just before the curtains are about to go up and the crowd is ready to welcome the Santa family, Phyllis, the ex-girl, is found dead in the middle of a snow pile, and she's wearing a very provocative costume.

The official investigation includes pretty much every last person at the celebration party in the list of suspects, but the real killer remains unidentified. He's loose somewhere in town, enjoying his freedom. There are no clues whatsoever, and the detectives will do everything in their power to solve this mystery case before the holidays begin.

Joanne Fluke delivered a killer mix of mystery, suspense, fast-paced narrative and rich characters. Christmas Caramel Murder is a riveting, fun, un-put-down-able novel that holds the highest bar of quality set by the Hannah Swensen Mystery. If you love classic mystery thrillers that take place in the most amazing time of the year, then this is your best pick for the month!

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