True, Chronicles of Avonlea is a part of the Anne of Green Gables franchise, but it's just related to the original series, nothing more. Montgomery wrote a bunch of short stories that will be mostly appreciated by the fans of the original series who want to learn more about Avonlea, all those rich, multi-layered characters, and then some, yet, they're not vital to the series.

The book was first released in 1912 and is usually positioned as an important book in the Anne series. But, the legendary heroine has only a tiny role in this collection. Overall, there are 12 short stories, and she's featured only in two of them. Obviously, some of the lovely characters that the readers cherished from the franchise are present here and you'll get to learn more about them. At the same time, there are tons of new characters that bring a fresh breath of air into Avonlea, and the chronicles are mainly focused on them.

The thing is - most of these short stories were written and published by Lucy way before the very first novel in the Anne series was even in the works. However, after it received international praise and became a worldwide bestseller, the publishers forced her to spend sleepless nights working on the new books.

Anne of Green Gables series
1. Anne of Green Gables
2. Anne of Avonlea
3. Anne of the Island
4. Anne of Windy Poplars
5. Anne's House of Dreams
6. Anne of Ingleside
7. Rainbow Valley
8. Rilla of Ingleside
9. Chronicles of Avonlea
10. Further Chronicles of Avonlea

They wanted more stories about the main character, so, Lucy reshaped some of the previously published shorties and introduced Anne in some of them to turn it into an "official" Anne of Green Gables book. Later on, the publishers described it as a "companion book" to the original series. The bottom line is - if you love Anne to death and are in love with Avonlea, the beautiful fictional village, then you simply have to grab a copy of Chronicles of Avonlea. If not, well, don't even bother!

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