Thomas E. Ricks is back with a brand-new bestseller, a so-called dual biography of one of the greatest British folks to ever walk the Earth - Churchill, the legendary prime minister, and Orwell, the iconic writer. These men did a lot to protect democracy in its purest form and safeguard it from authoritarianism and other hidden dangers of politics.

Both gentlemen came dangerously close to death in the 30s: Winston was hit by a car in NY, while George took a bullet in the neck during the blood-thirsty Spanish Civil War. It's safe to say that if they died back then, the world wouldn't even know about them. At that time, Churchill wasn't much of a politician and was on the outskirts on the UK. Orwell, in turn, was a so-so writer with local success, to put it mildly.

Yes, they were struggling with life and trying to find their place in the world, to share what they had to say with the public. Who could've predicted that by the end of the century the critics and regular folks would call them one of the most important British fellas in history? They are praised for their courage, for the vision and the willingness to sacrifice a lot just to try and turn their country (and the whole planet) into a better place.

Using words and deeds, they rose against totalitarianism from the left and the right and exposed them for who they really were - liars and thugs. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice were under attack, and these fine human beings overcame all the obstacles and made sure that the Western civilization never lost hope and its moral compass. At the end of the day, Churchill and Orwell is a vital book for the 21st century: it's uplifting, educational, and shows the modern-day folks that freedom needs to be fought for.

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