Welcome to 1901, ladies and gentlemen, the rise of the 20th century. Buffalo is the greatest city in America and it's attracting wealth, people, and problems. Louisa, a gorgeous and beauteous woman, the dashing headmistress of an exclusive school for girls, is living nearby. Now, despite the fact that the board is dominated by men - powerful figures - she's treated as an equal to all of them and they respect and esteem her.

The moguls of business, the insanely-rich folks make Louisa feel secure and untouchable, but when a strange death at the hydroelectric power plant rattles the city, everything changes. A chain of events forces Miss Barrett to go back to the past she has spent so many years trying to forget about. Furthermore, she needs to question and re-evaluate everything that she holds dear to heart.

This is the world where immigrant workers struggle with the insane pressure at the factories, the conservationists rebel against the industrial giants, the presidents are too weak to do anything about it and the black folks are constantly fighting to get equal rights in the country and to get recognition for their hard work.

At the same time, women are living in a society that has deprived them of their freedom as human beings and is pretty much commanding them how to behave and what to do. City of Light is remarkably intelligent, intimate, thought-provoking novel. The critics are calling Lauren Belfer's debut a must-read and a fresh new voice in literature. If you love ground-breaking and game-changing books that only come around once or twice a decade, then you should put City of Light on your list of must-haves.

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