Clawback-By-J.-A.-JanceAre you a big fan of the Ali Reynolds series? Well, who isn't, right? J.A. Jance always delivers that killer mix of mystery, thriller, and suspense, grabbing your attention from the very first page and getting you hooked up like no other contemporary writer. Clawback is the most recent addition to the franchise, and it's a gripping, mind-blowing novel. Reynolds has been through a lot, but even she's startled by the magnitude of the new mystery.

She'll have to figure out the death of a fella whose brilliant-yet-immoral schemes left hundreds of innocent folks bankrupt. Yes, these people are probably the main suspect, as they could’ve killed him for revenge. Soon, when the girl's own mom and dad lose their money to a brutal Ponzi scheme, her father visits his good-old friend and financial adviser to understand what's going on.

But, he only finds a gruesome double homicide scene. That means that Ali's ad is now the main suspect in the case! Reynolds and her man join their forces and make it their duty to clear the innocent old-timer's name and to seek justice for all those people that were betrayed and broken by the elusive criminals. Still, it's kinda hard to figure out who the real killer is.

There are so many suspects, and Reynolds simply can't tag each and every one of them. The stakes are higher than ever, and for Ali, this case is also extremely personal. Clawback is intriguing, provocative, and addictive, and it proves once again that when it comes to mystery/suspenseful thrillers, J.A. Jance is the G.O.A.T. It’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of the genre, then you’ll fall in love with the entire Ali Reynolds series.

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