clean-house-by-tom-fittonTom Fitton is a modern-day fighter for justice and he dedicated his whole life to fighting the government lies and exposing the biggest secrets this country has ever known. His previous bestseller created a lot of buzz around the world, and now he's back with Clean House, yet another bold, provocative and honest book. It's about all the scandals of Barack Obama's second term as the President of the United States.

You'll learn the real truth about the Benghazi Gate, Clinton's ridiculous leak of emails, the whole IRS situation, and, of course, the Obamacare fraud. Mr. Fitton is the leader of Judicial Watch, this country's biggest watchdog, and he knows about the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations more than anybody else in the world. These people are the ones who impeached Bill Clinton back in the day and made the Supreme Court dig into the Bush administration secrets and lies.

Yes, these guys are the real deal, and, ever since Mr. Obama became the President of America, they've been monitoring everything he's been doing and putting it on record. They filed countless lawsuits against the man, some of which were pretty successful. Right now, the regular US citizens are worried that they'll never get the country they once knew back. They're confused, frustrated and afraid.

The Obama administration might just be the most corrupted one, and people have the right to know that. Nobody can explain why or how the government could not stop whatever happened in Benghazi. Nobody knows how Hillary has been running a secret email server for such a long time. But the biggest question is - how did the men and women of the Congress dare to commit such a heinous fraud to get people to believe in Obamacare? If you've been asking those same questions, then Clean House by Mr. Tom Fitton is your best chance at learning all the right answers.

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