Sue Fortin delivers a suspenseful, compelling, grilling and thrilling book that will keep you up all night and then some. Helen had no other choice but to leave everything she's ever known and held dear to her heart behind, including her lovely house, her wonderful family and...her name. And now, she's back to England under the name of Ellen.

She decided it would be a good idea to move into a tiny town, as opposed to the big, crowded cities. The woman found a job there - that of a nanny for the local criminal psychologist. He's a good-looking man with a big, loving heart, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to protect his adorable daughter and to make her happy. These people make Ellen believe that everything's gonna be alright and that the brutal past is well behind her.

She's confident the horrors of the past are gone and it's safe to move on and think about the future. At the same time, she can't fully relax and is constantly feeling like something's wrong, like something terrible is going to happen. Someone's closing in on her new home and family, but how can she figure out who that is? The nice, peaceful house is about to turn into a stronghold full of fear, tension, suspicion and distrust.

Who can Ellen trust? Who is the enemy? And the biggest question is - who is Ellen running away from and what secrets is she hiding? Closing In is a near-perfect mystery thriller with just the right combination of romance and suspense. If you love adrenaline-pumping and heart-stopping bestsellers, Sue Fortin's brand-new masterpiece will linger on long after you turn the very last page and learn the real truth about Ellen and her past.

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