cocky-prick-by-tessa-thorneRocco is a professional killer, a hitman, and he always gets the job done. It doesn't matter who the target is - they always end up in body bags. He never had any problems with women - he gets the girl and spins her head with an unforgettable night. That’s the world he's living in, the one he's used to: killing folks for money, having one-night-stands with the hottest girls in town, and living that fast life.

However, when she walks in, everything changes, and Rocco finds a new meaning in what he does. Her name is Caitlyn, and she came to him with a job offering: her crazy ex-husband, a police officer and a man with connections in the mob, is constantly stalking her and her little kid, so, the woman desperately needs protection. Obviously, Rocco can't just "pop" the cop, because that would mean the whole town will come after them.

He needs to come up with a better plan. How about he sticks around and protects them? Or, better yet, he could teach Caitlyn to be strong, to believe in herself and to use a gun like she was born to do that. Yes, at first, she was just another regular client, but it took him one look at her killer body to know he had to get her into his bed.

Rocco is one of those men that don't ask - they just take - but this time around, he's trying to do everything right and to respect her. At the same time, he can tell that the girl wants him too. She needs a man by her side, a real man, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to protect her and the kid. Cocky Prick is a thrilling erotic novel with a captivating plot, great chemistry between the man and the woman, lots of hot sexy scenes and a wonderful finale.

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