Cold-Hearted-By-Winter-RenshawAyla fell in love with a bad-boy and she can't do anything about it! However, it wasn't love at first sight or anything like that. No rainbows were booming in the sky, and the butterflies weren't flying around. Sometimes, it takes one look at each other to instantly know that you belong together and that meeting the boy/girl of your dreams was the best day of your life.

But that's not the case with Ayla and Rhett. The first time Ayla met him, he was cocky and cold, just like that eerie ice he's skating on all the time. He's a pro hockey player with millions of fans, but there's something broken deep inside of him - he's damaged, and Ayla is the only woman in the whole world that can help him get back on his feet and fully, truly recover.

The guy had a fall out with the girl's older bro, so, that partially explains why he was so unwelcoming and angry. His cold-hearted attitude was justified, and common sense was constantly telling Ayla to turn around and leave. Yet, she let herself fall for the man, and now there's no going back, even though he told her not to do anything stupid and to let him be.

Maybe it's fate, and the two are supposed to be together? Or maybe the girlie should be careful what she wishes for? Soon, the real truth comes out, and that's when she knows he's lost to her forever. But, one day, he comes back fiercer than ever before. Cold Hearted is a great romantic novel with rich, layered characters, a thought-through story, and a gripping plot. Winter Renshaw is one of the greatest writers out there when it comes to women's fiction, so, if you love it, make sure to grab it!

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