Collide-By-Ella-AdamsOlivia, the main character of Collide, a sizzling, hot and steamy erotic novel, bumps into Troy, a handsome, tall, masculine guy in NY, and spills her coffee all over his expensive suit. She apologizes and offers him to make some amends. Obviously, the girl could never expect that the innocent gesture would result into one of the most memorable, intense and lovely experiences in her entire life.

Troy is the kind of a man that gets whatever he wants, and right now this fragile, sexy and pure girl is what he desires. The journey includes a wealthy billionaire playboy, the gorgeous Plaza Hotel, a curvy NY girl, and a very special kind of fire that draws them to each other. At first, it might seem that these two have nothing in common. And that's partially true, because Troy is really high up on that social ladder, while Olivia is just trying to get by and find her place in the busy New-York life.

At the same time, the mutual attraction is undeniable, and we all know that opposites attract. So, what's it gonna be? Will the heroes find happiness in each other and live happily ever after, or is this just another fling that's destined to turn into a disaster? Ella Adams wrote a gripping, exciting and naughty romantic novel that's both intense and hot.

The ladies will most certainly not be able to put it down and will stay up late tryin' to finish the book. Troy is the perfect alpha-male with the attitude of a winner and takes charge of Olivia in an aggressive, sexual manner. The bottom line is, if you've been looking for a scorching novel that comes with a strong plot, lovely characters, and great passion, Collide will be a wonderful pick for you. Ella Adams has the "secret ingredient" and knows how to get you turned on and turned up!

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