Nora Roberts is back with a new story of family bonds, love, crazy attraction, suspense, and thrill. The bestselling author delivered yet another instant classic for the loyal fans. The famous Bodine resort slash ranch in a beautiful western part of Montana is a near-perfect place for tourists and/or vacationers who want to clear their heads and enjoy the view.

Bodine Longbow has been keeping it up and running with the help of a huge staff, all qualified and ready to serve the customers. The girl's aunt, Alice, used to be around once, but she left it all behind and went to look for her destiny elsewhere, long before Bodine was even born. The woman has never stepped foot on this property ever again, and the family doesn't really like to talk about it that often.

The new generation, the younger members of the fam, think that the notorious aunt is already gone. However, she's still breathing, and she's not that far away. Alice is forced to live with another family against her own will and there's not much she can do about that. Soon, when bodies start to pile up around the mansion, Alice suddenly comes out of hiding and shocks the Longbows.

She's got a story to share, one about her turbulent past and the danger that is coming for them all. Will the family stay strong and united, or will the darkness consume Bodine and every other person she knows and cares about? Come Sundown is a top-notch western romance/drama/thriller with just the right mix of suspense and mystery. You'll find yourself glued to your seat in the middle of the night turning the very last pages and exclaiming "Wow!" more than once.

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