Thomas Paine’s Common Sense ranks among the most influential works that changed the course of history through the use of plain and persuasive language that can be easily understood by the masses. The pamphlet published anonymously in 1776, six months before the Declaration of Independence, was a radical and impassioned call for America to free itself from British rule and set up an independent government.

Paine openly challenged the British government and monarchy, attacking hereditary kingship and aristocratic institutions. He used “a lot of common sense” in his arguments and campaigned movement for a new beginning where personal freedom and social equality would be championed and economic progress encouraged.

Within a year of publication, Common Sense went through fifty-six editions, its assertive and often caustic style both embodied the democratic spirit that Paine advocated - moving a legion of patriots to the cause of American independence; uniting settlers and bringing them around the idea of revolution.

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