Complete Original Short Stories of Guy De Maupassant

Complete-Original-Short-Stories-of-Guy-De-Maupassant-by-Guy-de-MaupassantThis collection of short stories is the only one, where you can find all of their kind, written by the famous author. If you think, that some works of Guy de Maupassant are missing – you will be wrong. Maybe it is the true considering to another edition. In most cases, not all of the short stories are real short stories, or they wrongly attributed to the great writer. In some earlier editions, you can find short stories written by different people.

All people who love reading short stories must read this collection of Complete Original Short Stories by Guy De Maupassant. This author is like Hemingway – a great storyteller, especially in the short format of fiction. His short stories are an example of how the ideal short story must be written. His writing is rich and memorable and even the translation can't kill all its beauty.

This book was downloaded from Project Gutenberg, and consist something about 200 short stories. Translations are usually good, but not perfect. Some fans of this writer think that there are many more short stories exist, written by Maupassant. The number is around 400. They thought that he finished them in a very short period of time – no more than 10 years

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