cooking-for-jeffrey-by-ina-gartenIf you're a big fan of easy-to-make, cheap, and, naturally, delicious foods, then you probably know about the Barefoot Contessa series by none other than Ina Garten, a bestselling author, a world-esteemed chef and a wonderful woman who loves to teach folks about cooking as much as cooking itself. She enjoys preparing food for her family, especially her amazing husband, Jeffrey (yes, hence the title of the book).

By the way, they've been together for almost 5 decades - 48 years - and she's been cooking delicious foods for him pretty much from the first day they made their relationship official. And now the tasty, comforting and healthy meals they eat in their own kitchen turned into a series of bestselling cookbooks that the whole world loves and appreciates. Ina made an awesome career in the "food business", and she manages to amaze the readers every single time.

The critics are calling Cooking For Jeffrey her most personal, intimate cookbook to date, as it comes with the recipes that Jeffrey and their mutual friends order most often. Plus, you'll find heart-warming stories that this adorable couple shares from the many years they've spent together. There are a lot of traditional recipes in this cookbook, but they're all "updated and upgraded", and Ina's trademark ingredients and tips on how to treat them turn these centuries-old meals into something entirely different.

You've got dishes, desserts, as well as a full chapter on how to make just the perfect cheese in your own kitchen. It's safe to say that every single reader will find his/her favorite recipes, because Cooking for Jeffrey is packed with an impressive collection, ranging from simple to professional.

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