Bianca Bosker is a pro journalist and a big fan of alcohol and Cork Dork is her intimate journey into the beautiful world of wine. Before writing this book, she knew very little about it, but now she considers herself an "educated" person. There’s a whole another universe out there, and it's truly exciting.

She met with folks who have spent their entire lives trying to find that very special flavor that would make a certain wine brand stand out, and when you read about people like that, you get the necessary inspiration and motivation to be equally great at what you do. Their fervor, agility, and love for everything wine (and, of course, the supernatural sensory abilities) fascinated Bianca, and that made her want to know more about them and the things that are constantly fueling their passion slash obsession.

And what about the woman herself or any of us, the readers: can we also become top-notch cork dorks, or is that something that only the chosen ones can do? You'll find the answer to this and many other questions in this funny, exciting and entertaining book that comes with brilliant writing, tons of awesome stories, impressive numbers, people, and a good dose of that good old skepticism that a true journalist can't live without.

Welcome to the most delicious underground "tasting groups", elite restaurants in the heart of NY, mass-market factories in Cali, and other astounding places that you won't get access to without Bosker. So, what does it take to make a good bottle of wine? Read Cork Dork and you'll know the answer! Dive into a fascinating (and, well, delicious) adventure with Bianca and discover the mesmerizing universe of wine.

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