Kade has everything a man can only dream about. Success, power, influence, money, and women. He's spending his days making that dough and his nights having fun with the most beautiful women in town. He's the CEO of a huge international company and his life is pretty much perfect. However, he's not all bright and shiny: the man has one flaw, and that's arrogance - he's a cocky prick, to put it in plain and simple English.

That attitude brings him all kinds of problems, and when a wrong move puts his company's well-being at risk, he has to work hard in order to restore his reputation and show his investors that he's not just a stupid playboy. Failure is not really an option, considering the shit storm that will follow if he doesn't make this right.

Besides, if there's one thing that's absolutely true about Kade, it's that he's a man of his word. Long story short, he ends up sharing an apartment with another boarder. Spending 1, 5 months with a roomy? Sounds pretty fun! Well, he thought that he'd have to share it with a man, but, as it soon turned out, his roommate is a woman - a sexy one, by the way. Her name's Vicky and she's as gorgeous as they come.

Those legs, those curves, and that mesmerizing swagger are too much for Kade to handle. She's hot and crazy, too good to pass up. It's not that the man's in love with her or anything - this is a matter of lust, and he can't stop himself from fantasizing about her in all the wrong positions. Breaking the rules means putting his company in jeopardy, and that automatically makes it a bad move. But why does it feel so right?! Counting On You is a classic enemies-to-lovers novel with enough sizzling-hot passion and sweet romance to keep you satisfied from start to finish.

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