When it comes to historical romance and heart-warming slash heart-wrenching novels, Kim Vogel Sawyer is THE lady to turn to. Her best-selling and award-winning Heart of the Prairie series has been dominating the respective charts for quite some time now, and Courting Miss Amsel is the 6th chapter, the 6th installment in the franchise.

Edythe is a beautiful, intelligent, independent and spirited woman, a big endorser of a well-rounded education. And, she's more than happy with her first assignment in a tiny schoolhouse in an even tinier Nebraska townlet. She's excited to share everything she knows about the world with her new students, but the question is - are they ready for Miss Amsel? Joel, a local bachelor, is glad to hear that the council finally hired a female teacher that will replace the eerie fella that used to confuse and frustrate his nephews.

He's been raising the lads ever since their parents passed away, and he really hopes that this woman will teach them something that he would never be able to. Well, it seems like he should've been careful what he wished for, as Edythe is not really what he expected her to be.

The whole town is talking about her...peculiar teaching and school routine that includes silly stuff like catching insects, collecting leaves from the woods and doing other crazy stuff instead of learning something important from the books. Oh, and Joel also noticed that Miss Amsel is as pretty as they come. But, she's got some progressive ideas that the good-old folks can't really perceive and agree to. So, will Joel find the strength to believe in her and trust her not only with the boys but also his own heart?

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