Crash-And-Burn-By-Fern-MichaelsThe Sisterhood series has been topping the international women's fiction sales charts for years, and the critics are calling Fern Michaels one of the most prominent writers of our time. The women of this "group" are bound by their desire to help those in need. And now there's a rivaling firm that has its own strong set of players.

The Chessmen are a mighty force in D.C., and Nikki's brand-new case has them interested. She's their main target now. Quinn is representing Livonia, a regular woman that wants to finally be free from her abusive, greedy man, Wilson. They call him "Buzz", and the big-shot doesn't want an international scandal to hurt his ratings. He's got presidential ambitions, so, his one and only goal - make his wife shut her mouth.

The Chessmen are hired by him, and their task is to put an end to this case. They are not afraid to play dirty and use all kinds of techniques just to get the job done. The Sisterhood is not like that, and the girls are always going for the smart, witty decisions. Their rivals think that they are above the law, and the fact that the Speaker is backing them gives them the authority to do whatever they please.

Yet, the Sisterhood is there to prove that nobody's above the law, and that true justice has to do with loyalty. Crash and Burn is a fast-paced, adrenaline-packed and engaging action/adventure novel that's both highly entertaining and hilarious. It's romantic, charming, moving and dramatic - just the perfect mix. If you love this best-selling series by Fern Michaels, the latest addition will most definitely be a great read for you.

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