Lily, the lovely main character of Crave Me, a brand-new panty-melting erotic novel, has a very...intimate secret: Brian, her man, can never truly make her get off in bed. Furthermore, no other fella has ever been able to do that. Obviously, this has been a huge problem for her, and, even though Lily is a strong-willed, confident young woman, this little problem keeps haunting her.

Fortunately, when she meets Landon - a handsome, wealthy, dirty and off-limits man - it all changes. He tells her that taking care of her is his #1 priority, and that phrase alone makes her go crazy. The question is - is Lily ready to put everything on the line just to taste this nasty, naughty and incredibly sexy proposition? Her comfy, routine life, her job and, of course, her boyfriend are at risk, and, once she says yes to this gorgeous bad-boy, there will be no going back.

He's working at the most prestigious law firm, has more than enough respect and esteem in the biz and can and does spend the nights with the most beautiful ladies out there. But, all that meaningless sex is starting to turn into a regular thing and he's looking for that one and only girl that will steal his heart. Yet, he's not really sure that Lily feels the same way.

Yes, she can't stop thinking about Landon and she wants to love her and to make her scream in bed, but is she really ready to give all of herself up to him and love him like no other woman ever before? It's never that simple, and these two are about to ruin whatever lives they had prior to meeting each other. Oh maybe it will all work out and they'll find their happily ever after? You never know!

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