Becca, an ordinary 17-year-old teenager, was taken from her tiny hometown by force. They locked her up in a max-security prison and condemned her to death, along with other children her age. The execution is right around the corner, but until then, she is told to do whatever it takes to fit in and keep her mouth shut. However, Becca was never really good at following the rules and/or being silent.

Besides, her sis, Cassie, is out there, and, given the fact that they're identical twins, Becca is not ready to lose hope yet. This is a matter of life and death, and her sister is very good at handling crisis situations. The clock is ticking, and with time working against her, Cassie will have to put her "good girl act" aside and break the Goddamn rules - at least for her sister's sake.

She's the only one who can save her from a death penalty, and she needs to act as fast as possible. There were no official charges, no trial, and Becca didn't even get to have an attorney and/or speak her mind. Death is imminent; nobody has ever been able to escape this stronghold-of-a-prison. But there's a first time for everything right?

The Greenfield sisters will have to prove that they are not to be played with and that messing with them will have dire consequences! Crazy House comes with awesome fight scenes, an action-charged narrative, a little bit of that juvenile romance, and tons of suspense. Patterson's trademark page-turning writing will get the teens cheering for more. If you're a young adult who loves thrillers and science fiction, this novel will be a nice pick for you.

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