This bestseller is heavily based on Mary Musgrove's monumental life and that of 5 generations of her family. Dee Brown, the author, used real-world facts and combined them with his own bright imagination to create an exciting, gripping and thought-provoking game-changer. She was born back in 1700 to a tribal chief's family and had been fighting with the colonists for her entire life.

Her 2 sons continued her struggle and put a lot of effort into protecting their people and staying true to what she believed in. By using these historical characters, Brown "painted" an overwhelming picture of the American Indians and their misfortunes in the 18-19th centuries. The novel depicts the events of the colonial uprising, the constant bloodshed, and the bloody Civil War, in which Musgrove's kids stood on both sides.

Creek Mary's Blood comes with great historical accuracy and introduces the author's own thoughts and notes about one of the most turbulent times in the history of the United States. This is a powerful, poignant, moving saga that will keep you up all night. Loyalty, faith, love, honor, lies, betrayals and countless lost lives - that is what Creek Mary's Blood is about.

If you love historical novels that are just as gripping, riveting and un-put-down-able as the best mystery thrillers, make sure to give Dee Brown's brand-new masterpiece a chance. This is one of those novels that will leave you speechless and you'll keep going back to it long after you turn those last pages. Even if historical sagas are a big "turn-off" for you, please, check Creek Mary's Blood out on Amazon - even the first chapter is well capable of conquering both your heart and your mind.

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