Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Crime-and-Punishment-Fyodor-DostoyevskyYou will be amazed and impressed very deeply by this novel. Crime and Punishment – it is not only a detective story. It is a world famous literary masterpiece. Dostoevsky created a highly exciting and complex psychological thriller, which penetrates deeply into the human being. All the external actions of main character show us a deep insight into their minds. All motives of the protagonist and his psychological drama you can easily read, including his spiritual purification after an extremely terrible act of murdering an old woman.

Fyodor Dostoevsky shows us a profound knowledge of human nature, the psychology in her depths. Also, the Crime and Punishment tell us very vividly about abject poverty and the human conflicts in Petersburg of 19th vividly. Especially deep Dostoevsky covers topics of social, ethical, religious and timeless philosophical issues, which are discussed controversially in the Crime and Punishment novel and occupy a large space of the book.

It is a story about a very talented student Raskolnikov, who buries his talents and lives at the expense of his poor mother and sister. Instead of his own potential to improve his living, he prefers to do nothing. He thought that rich people must give their money to the poor, to which he also counts himself. This attitude reflects the real socialist ideas spreading among Russian intellectuals in the 19th century. They wanted to bring by force a better world.

To justify his reckoning for robbery and murder the protagonist also has the delusion of being a chosen one or even superhuman, which can do anything for the good cause. So he can even do things that ordinary people are denied morally.

The novel contains a great many interesting side stories and diverse typical human characters and behaviours. This book succeeds Dostoevsky's attempt to give the reader an insight into the psyche of another person.

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