Crocheting: BoxSet: The Complete Guide on Learning How to Crochet from Beginner to Expert

crochetBox Set: The Complete Guide on Learning How to Crochet from Beginner to ExpertLearn the Basic from Reading Patterns, Corner 2 Corner Technique, Ripple and Wave Technique, Intarsia Crochet, Fair Isle Crochet, Tapestry Crochet, Filet Crochet and Broomstick Lace

We will also explore how to read charts and graphs, different types of colorworks, and I will share tips on designing your own patterns. These are important skills for an expert crocheter because if you know how to read and work charts and graphs you open up an entire new world of patterns for you to explore. We will also learn some exciting expert techniques such as Filet. I hope this volume, Expert Crochet, will encourage you and sparks your creativity to reach an even higher level of crochet skills.

This set couldn't be any better for my needs as a crocheter. It has everything I need to know from beginner to expert, and there are so many different patterns, too! Past books I've seen just had one or two patterns, if any, making me have to browse online for projects. This book has patterns for things like hats, scarfs, coasters, and more, and they include the links to the originating sites, so you can probably find other patterns when you go to those sites, as well.

Another great thing is there are lots and lots of photos of different projects that are possible, different kinds of stitches, different motifs, etc., plus diagrams for various things like how to hold the needle and how to do various stitches from beginning stitches to more complicated stitches.

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