cross-justice-by-james-pattersonIf there were to be a God in the world of mystery thrillers, then his name would most definitely be James Patterson. This author has more bestsellers and awards behind his back than any other writer in the genre. And the Alex Cross series is one of his finest ones to date, so, expect a real treat with Cross Justice! Alex has been chasing bad guys for as long as he can remember, and nothing can shock him anymore.

However, when he gets a case that hits close to heart, everything changes 180 degrees. They say that his cousin committed a monstrous crime, something that's hard to believe even for somebody with his experience. So, Alex hops on the next ride to NC, his hometown. He's never been back home in the last 30 years or so, he feels a little bit uncomfortable. Well, he's got a job to do in the town, that's what he's there for.

At the same time, he can't really find even the slightest clue to his cousin's innocence; besides, he soon learns about a huge family secret that makes him rethink and revalue everything that he's ever believed in. Now, he's forced to go after a ghost that he used to believe was buried deep in the ground. That's now he gets himself involved with a dangerous and mysterious case that the local force can't make sense of - a terrific series of socialite killings.

This case brings Cross closer to both the insane murderer and the real truth about his family and his own past, but the answers that he's looking for might not be what he expects. Cross Justice is Patterson at his best: you've got a suspenseful, gripping mystery thriller with rich characters, an exciting story and the author's splendid writing wit. The fans won't be disappointed - that's for sure!

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