Curtain-Of-Death-By-W.E.B.-GriffinW.E.B. Griffin, the world-acclaimed author of multiple bestsellers and the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, is back with Curtain of Death, the 3rd installment in the ground-breaking trilogy about the long-forgotten Cold War, the astonishing work of the CIA and the greatest patriots of the US.

The Clandestine Operations franchise is known for delivering that mighty mix of adrenaline-packed, blood-rushing action, suspense, drama and political scenarios that nail you to your chair to the very end. Welcome to 1946, ladies and gentlemen: WW2 is over, but another global conflict is just around the corner. In Munich, Germany, 4 Rusky special operatives abduct 2 WAC agents and cage them in the back of a car.

However, the Soviets had no idea that one of the kidnapped folks was Colbert, a dashing young woman who's working for the brand-new DCI. She manages to kill 3 of the USSR agents, leaving the last one severely wounded. Obviously, something like that can't just be swept under the rug and Colbert's actions send so-called shock waves left, right, up and down. She'll have to answer to her chief, Cronley, the head of DCI's European division.

Yes, the Nazis are long gone, and the world will never be the same, but there's a new threat, and DCI's operatives are on the front lines. The adversaries are different, the rules are different, but the goal is still the same: prevail, or end up dead somewhere in a ditch. Curtain of Death comes with realistic, loveable characters, a great story, lots of suspense and right-on historical facts about the Cold War, which makes it a mighty page-turner.

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