Isabella Starling comes through with a mesmerizing dark romance novel that will stir something naughty inside of you and leave you begging for more. If you're a big fan of full-length erotic tales with a happy ending and lots of that steam to make the windows fog up, grab a copy of Daddy's Girl! Law is not a good man. Actually, he's a pretty bad fella that shouldn't be anywhere close to young, innocent, honest girls.

He's a beast, and someone as sweet and lovely as Lily will only get into a big trouble if she messes with a dude like Law. He doesn't care about her feelings or the fact that he could be ruining her life. All he wants from her is that sweetness - he wants to take it away, to strip her of everything that she holds dear to heart and to escape with it all. He's been watching Lily for quite some time now, and he's ready to claim her.

He's not going to rest until he makes her lose her mind over him and call him Daddy. Is he crazy? Yes. A lunatic? Probably! Yet, for some reason, young ladies like Lily always seem to be drawn to dangerous men like Law. He abducts her, locks her away somewhere in the middle of nowhere and is doing all kinds of unspeakable things to her. Yet, even though the girl won't admit it to herself, she REALLY wants him to keep going.

She wants him to both hurt her and love her. She's never felt anything remotely close to what she's experiencing right now, and, despite the fact that she knows deep inside something like this could very well destroy her life, Lily can't get herself to stop wanting more of what Law has to offer. Isabella Starling is known for writing twisted, dirty and dark romantic novels that become instant bestsellers, and Daddy's Girl is her latest gift to the fans.

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