Melly is a young, gorgeous and struggling girl who's in desperate need of some hard cash. So, she was more than happy to take a gig that required her to be a house sitter for a month of two. However, when she met Robert, the owner of the house, her "duties" suddenly changed. Her sweet, innocent smile, curvy bod, and tons of that teenage charisma drove the man crazy and he wanted more from her - much more.

She didn't sign up for this, but, as it soon turned out, she was quite the naughty girlie and was open to all kinds of job offerings, as long as the money was good. Robert wants her to do the dishes, scrub the floor, clean the house and be his little playmate. He's rich, influential and powerful, but he's never met a teenage girl that would have such a huge effect on him.

Sure, he's seen more than enough pretty faces and killer bodies, but none of his previous "bimbos" could even come close to Melly. As for the girl, she falls for the good-looking gent the second she sees him. At first, she's a bit intimidated by his "pressure", but she actually likes it, even though she can't get herself to admit that.

She needs a big daddy to take care of her and she's happy to satisfy all his needs, including the ones that require her to be a sex goddess. Daddy's Pretty Baby is a sexy, sizzling-hot and unapologetically smutty romance book with tons of that erotic content to drive you crazy. Cassandra Dee is at her best, dear readers, and that means satisfaction is guaranteed! If you love engaging stories about young girls and grown-up men that spend more time in bed doing the nasty than walking around the house and working, then you most certainly need to check out this book.

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