Damaged-By-Lisa-ScottolineDamaged is a riveting, gripping thriller that will keep you up late until you turn that very last page. It's full of unexpected twists and shocking turns and the fast-paced, adrenaline-packed narrative makes it one of the best mystery thrillers of 2016. It's safe to say that Lisa Scottoline delivered a modern-day classic with Damaged. Patrick, the main character of the story, is a 10-year-old boy who's constantly being bullied at school.

He's a bit smaller than his peers, plus, he's dyslexic, which makes him shy and confused. He's trying really hard to hide his flaws from the world, including the kids at school, the teachers, and his own grandpa who's taking care of him. However, that's not the biggest problem in Patrick's life. The big trouble comes when they accuse him of violently assaulting a school assistant, who quits the job and sues the boy's family and the whole school.

Patrick's grandpa asks the famous firm for help, and Mary gets assigned to the case. Patrick sees a hero in her, a savior and protector - his one and only chance to get justice and clear his name. But, pretty soon Mary discovers that the case is not that simple, and Patrick is not just a boy who's having trouble with anger management.

She learns about new secrets and lies on every step of the way, and what started as just another day at the office, is steadily turning into a mystery thriller with a shocking twist at the end. Lisa Scottoline is known for her powerful, emotional, fast-paced writing style, and Damaged is a brilliant novel about love, hope, injustice, discrimination, pain, and happiness. If you're a fan of the genre, the latest book from Scottoline will make your day!

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