Malcolm is a dashing rock star, a man who's used to always being in control of everything and everyone, including his mates, his feelings, and his life. And, of course, he wants control over his women, the ones that he ties to his bed and enjoys steaming-hot nights with. Malcolm never gets close to a girl and never lets any of them hurt him by breaking his heart. But Lacey is not one of the bimbos he's been fooling around with - she's different.

The girl is gorgeous, sassy, and is working with his band to make a brand-new video. So, is he allowed to picture her naked in his head? Probably not. But who's asking, right? He's got a strict rule: do not mix work with pleasure, as that usually screws things up. Yet, those seductive curves and that attitude make him forget about all the rules he made up along the way.

He wants her in his bed, the sooner the better. Lacey, in turn, is kinda amazed by the fact that this God-like star wants to be with her. Malcolm has a voice to die for and blue eyes that a girl can get lost in. Back when she was in college, his picture used to hang on her wall for 3 full years! She's pretty much obsessed with him; still, she would never jeopardize her job by trying to start a fling with him. But now that he's the one asking, how can she say no?

This relationship is all about being friends with benefits, nothing more, nothing less. Lacey is tired of breakups and heartache; yet, it's not going to be easy not to fall in love with the man that's been on her mind for the last half-a-decade or so. There's no time to think it all over - it's now or never. Mal is an icon and countless women out there dream of being with him. Dangerous Fling is a sexy, fun and engaging romantic novel with a lot of naughty scenes to enjoy after a hard day at work.

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