Dark-Carousel-By-Christine-FreehanLadies and gentlemen! Please welcome a new installment in the Carpathian series - Dark Carousel. Christine Feehan has been doing a great job with the series, and the new novel is set to break all the previous records. The story begins with Charlotte, a regular girl, entering Tariq's club. When the owner sets his eyes on her, his blood starts to rush like never before.

He had lost all hope and didn't think that he would finally meet his life mate, but life gives him a chance with Charlotte, and he is going to do everything in his power to make her his own. However, the ancient warrior doesn't know the first thing about her. The girl is just bait - she's trying to make the murderous creatures come forth and pay for what they did to her family - they killed her brother and mentor.

Charlotte knows everything there is to know about Tariq: he's one of the richest and most popular single men in town; plus, he's also a big fan of really old carousel horses, and the girl knows how to restore them. The fact that these two share an interest and passion makes Charlotte look at Tariq from a different angle and even trust him. At the same time, her weakness makes her an easy target for an ancient curse that's set to unite her with the vampire in a battle against a greater enemy.

Christine Feehan created a huge movement with the Carpathian series, defined a whole genre, and the new book is just as good as all the previous ones, if not better. Note: It's an erotic novel, filled with brutal, gore violence, so, don't read it to your children! On the other hand, Dark Carousel will be an exciting read if you're 18+ and really love vampire stories that keep in fresh and never dissapoint.

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