dark-places-by-gillian-flynnAre you a big fan of Gone Girl? Well, who isn't right?! But do you know who the author is? It's Gillian Flynn, a brilliant young woman who pretty much monopolized the psychological thriller genre back when she released that best-selling book. Dark Places is another magnificent page-turner, and the fans and the critics are putting it on the same pedestal as Gone Girl.

Libby, the main character of this story, was just a 7-year-old girl when her mom and two sisters were brutally murdered. She managed to survive that terrifying day and even told the cops that Ben, her 15-year-old brother, did it. It's been 2, 5 decades since that day, and Kill Club, a mysterious group obsessed with scandalous crimes, finds Libby and tries to "carve out" all the tiniest details. They're seeking to find proof that will allow them to free Ben.

However, Libby is not going to spit it all out without a fee. She's ready to give them everything she's got, but only for a handsome price. So, she embarks on a search and goes from strip clubs all the way to ghost towns in Oklahoma. Slowly, the real truth starts to reveal itself, and Libby ends up right where she was all those years ago - on the run, trying to survive in an unknown, harsh reality.

Was Ben really the killer, or maybe she had it all wrong? If so, then who's hunting her in Oklahoma and why? Libby is depressed, almost out of money and tired of living like that. The only way out for her is to figure out who hurt her family 25 years ago and put a stop to it - one way or the other. Dark Places is a must-have for all the fans of Flynn's unique writing style, gripping plots and mesmerizing characters.

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