darkest-journey-by-heather-grahamThe Krewe of Hunters series established itself as a gripping, suspenseful bunch of mystery thrillers that are always worth every last penny you spend on them. Heather Graham won a lot of awards with the series, and that means you can always expect a riveting, adrenaline-packed story to hit the shelves worldwide. Charlie is finally going back to Louisiana to work on the next big-time movie.

But, one night she finds a body of a dead Civil War reenactor, and soon she learns that it's the second one killed in just 2 days. And the girl is devastated when she finds out that her own dad - a guide on the so-called Journey, someone who put his heart and soul into the reenactment project - is one of the official suspects in the investigation. At the same time, Ethan, a new member of the Krewe of Hunters division that's with the FBI, is assigned to this exact case.

Charlie and Ethan have their own history to figure out - years back he saved her from a graveyard. The two hop on a cruise and get closer to the reenactors. In order to figure out who's really killing the innocent folks, they will have to find out the ones who would at least have a motive. Naturally, while they're busy solving a mysterious case, their feeling are all coming back and they practically "jump-start" the relationship that was put on hold a decade ago.

However, the Journey is full of dangers, and they might not even make it out alive...Darkest Journey is a deadly, engrossing romantic suspense tale that will glue you to your seat and keep you up all night. The story is intense, intriguing and comes with a couple of unexpected twists.

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