Daughters-Of-The-Dragon-By-William-AndrewsDaughters of the Dragon is a brilliantly-written, exceptional and epic novel that's both riveting and historically-important. Stories like this one must be told to the modern-day generations, otherwise, we risk forgetting the vital pages in the world's history. Anna, a 20-year-old young woman, lands in Korea on a flight from America to find her birth mother.

She arrives at an orphanage full of hopes, but when she learns that she's already dead, the news devastates her and leaves her speechless. However, just when she decides to turn around and go back to the US, a complete stranger gives her a package with an old comb in it and a piece of paper with an address - that's it. This new "evidence" takes the girl to Seoul, the home of Jae-hee, a poor yet beautiful woman.

Then, she tells Anna a breath-taking, heart-wrenching story that starts with the Japanese invading Korea and China back when WW2 was raging on. The brutal Japs forced more than 200,000 innocent women and girls to serve their needs. And Jae-hee was one of those unfortunate women, so, the story is a big part of her. Soon, Anna learns that the mysterious comb with a dragon on it is a family treasure and has been in her family for centuries.

The women have been carrying it through all the struggles that they had to endure, and now it's in her hands. There's a legacy that Anna inherits, and it's a legacy of courage, faith, love, loss, and redemption. The girl thought that this trip would give her some answers, but it did so much more than that - it changed her and gave her something to be proud of and women to look up to.

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