Do you love engrossing mystery thrillers with a twisty, shocking and explosive ending? We all do, right? T.J. Brearton, a best-selling and critically-acclaimed author, created a true masterpiece with Dead Gone: it's suspenseful, horrifying, riveting and will make you stay up all night reading. A woman's body "pops up" in the Florida countryside.

She has no papers on her - no ID, no passport, absolutely nothing - and the cops cannot figure out the cause of her death. Lange, a rookie in the force, hoped for a nice, smooth start at the office, but his very first case turns out to be the most difficult one in years. There are absolutely no clues as to who and why would kill her. The only thing to work all kinds of crazy theories on is the butterfly tattoo on her body.

Blythe, the detective's chief, keeps pressuring him with the case, and the medical examiners aren't telling him the whole story. At the same time, Alicia, Tom's neighbor, is forced to tolerate her crazy, abusive boyfriend. The passionate and ardent cop can't let it go and clashes with the scoundrel without thinking about the consequences.

Soon, the investigation takes him to a huge line-up of undercover clubs, junkies, and all that low-life stuff. The danger grows exponentially, and now his own life is at risk. But Tom is not one to back down from a case, and he keeps going until a shocking revelation flips his world 180 degrees. Dead Gone is a gripping, breathtaking and heart-stopping thriller with a mesmerizing plot, a great main character, and more secrets, turns and twists than you can handle.

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