Laura is a striving Hollywood star whose biggest "gift" is finding trouble and ending up in all kinds of pickles. Abby, the daughter of the legendary Miss Loudenberry, cares about her case both on a professional and on a personal scale. She's the chief editor at a scandalous and provocative magazine about the celebrities.

Furthermore, her admirer, Chris, whose specialization is "entertainment attorney", was the last fella seen with the starlet. And now the guy is also missing, which means the stakes are higher than ever and something funky is going down. So, it's up to the Godmothers to take care of the mess and to figure out what really happened and who was behind it all.

They’ve got friends and relatives in all the right places, and they are more than happy to "pull all the triggers" just to see justice done and to solve this case. It's time for them to enter the glittering ins and outs of Hollywood and make sense of it all. The real truth is hiding in plain sight, and only these fearless and witty ladies can see it.

Big revelations, unexpected secrets and a couple of mighty twists/turns will try to stop them, but if there's one thing that's absolutely true about the Godmothers, then it's the fact that they never back down from a challenge- they embrace it and enjoy it. These four exceptional women are quite different and have their own sets of issues, but it's the diversity of this team that makes it great and the fact that they are all ready to sacrifice themselves just to see the other ones happy. Deadline is a delightful novel with just the right amount of mystery, thrill, humor and charm.

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